Discover Salina Organizing Team

Nona Miller - Chairman 2017-2018, Smoky Hill Museum

Mark Neubrand Past Chairman, Kansas Native Plant Society, Smoky Hills Audubon Society

Doug Rudick Past Chairman, Salina Parks and Recreation, Smoky Hills Audubon

Barb Goode, K-State University Pollution Prevention Institute

Brian Underwood, Lakewood Discovery Center

Mary Shaffer, Salina Horticulture Club

Susan Gaskill, The Resilience Group

Bill Gaskill, Lakewood Discovery Center

Pat Brooks, Lakewood Discovery Center

Judy Labbe, Lakewood Discovery Center

Debbie Nelson, Volunteer

Angela Allen, Saline County Conservation District

Deena Johnson, Prairie Long rifles

Jennifer Griffen, Lakewood Middle School




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