All applications are subject to review by our organizing committee. The first application review will be on March 12, 2018. Additional dates will be determined if necessary.

Limits and requirements:

  • Food vendors will be limited to four trucks, with up to two additional specialty food vendors (ice cream, snow cones etc.) possible.

  • There is a $50 charge to participate. You will be invoiced after your application is accepted, with payment due two weeks from date of invoice.

  • Due to limited access to electricity in the park, food vendors are expected to provide their own generator.

Vendors are encouraged to:

  • Provide at least one menu option at $5 or less (half portion, sliders etc.) Visitors to prior events have expressed a need for a low price food option so they can afford to feed the entire family.
  • Accept reimbursable Discover Salina Naturally “Food Bucks” as cash from festival volunteers. We will provide each volunteer with $5 in “Food Bucks” to thank them for their participation and encourage them to have lunch at the festival.  Each coupon will be good for up to one dollar each of purchases and change is not to be given.  See the examples below:

          Purchase price $3 = 3 Lunch Bucks

          Purchase price $3.50 = 4 Lunch Bucks (no change is given)

          Purchase price $7.00 = 5 Lunch Bucks  plus $2 or 7 Lunch Bucks

          At the end of the day someone with the organizing committee will write you a check for the total face value of Lunch Bucks you’ve collected.  

Non-profits wishing to provide snack food items for sale as a fundraiser should apply under the Participation Application for non-food vendors. Non-profits will not be included in the Food Bucks reimbursement promotion and will not be reimbursed for any coupons collected.

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